Brite Mark Fine Line Pens - Alcohol Resistant
Brite Mark ink is an excellent all purpose ink capable of withstanding water, cleaning detergents, and most of all Isopropyl Alcohol. This unique ink has excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, PCB's, and more. Its chemical composition is oil based and will dry within 2 minutes. Best solvent resistance is after 24 hours. Brite Mark ink comes in both a pen form for hand written use or bottle form for use with our two-sided opaque stamp pad. Either way, this ink can meet your alcohol-resistance needs. The Brite Mark pen has an ingenious valve-action, ink-feed mechanism which supplies ink to the felt or nylon tip when normal pressure is applied. This maintains an even ink flow for consistent use with this industrial ink. The tips are replaceable and easily interchanged. As a result, maximum ink consumption can be attained. Ink will not be wasted because of tip dryout or blunting due to excessive pressure. The second tip, included with each pen, can be replaced in seconds. Brite Mark colors: Black, Blue, Red, and White.