VRS Marking offers a wide range of industrial hand stamps to meet all of your hand marking needs. We have carefully selected this group of products so you can easily mark any combination of part numbers, serial numbers, date codes, inspection marks, revision levels and more. In addition, these diverse hand stamps and pens are designed for marking with industrial inks. For example, our durable inspection stamps are molded in one solid piece so that excess solvents and ink cannot separate the die from the handle-like rubber pieces that are glued on. Plus, neoprene rubber is used for all inspection stamps and is available for all Pullman bands (neoprene rubber slows down the deterioration process that takes place when stamps are used with harsh inks or solvents).

The industrial hand stamp section also includes our Valve Action fine line marking pens. The Brite Mark pen offers a patented Valve Action feature that smoothly transitions industrial inks to the fiber tip. This creates even ink flow with both dye and pigmented inks so a fine line or small character print is possible.