Mark II Reversible Pad Instructions

The Mark II System is a unique two-sided stamp pad designed for marking on non-porous surfaces. We recommend using Aero brand 1250 ink and Reactivator TM with the Mark II Pad. Other inks and solvents may cause the special stamp pad surface to become brittle, break, or swell.

The Mark II pad-- two pads ready to work when you are!!!


Use one side of the pad until your mark becomes light or incomplete. When this occurs, close the lid and turn the pad over to use the other side. While the second side of the pad is in use, the first side will begin to rejuvenate itself.

To re-ink the Mark II Pad, apply 1250 ink to both sides of the pad. The amount of ink required will vary. However, only add ink until the ink no longer absorbs into the pad quickly, the ink will appear to puddle a bit on top of the pad.

With continued use, ink will begin to dry inside the Mark II Pad. You will know that this has occurred because your marks will become light and will appear to need ink. However, upon trying to add ink, the ink will immediately puddle, absorbing very slowly. You must now add ReactivatorTM. Add 1/2 ounce of ReactivatorTM to both sides and wait for twenty minutes before continuing. This will allow the ReactivatorTM to break up the ink that has dried inside the pad. Next, follow the re-inking instructions.

If the mark looks runny, dab the pad with a cloth to absorb excess ReactivatorTM. Leave the pad open for about 5 minutes. Re-ink to achieve desired mark.

It is essential that the Mark II Pad be closed at all times when not in use. If the pad becomes hard or corroded, a new pad may be necessary.

If the Mark II Pad is not going to be used for a week or more, add 1/2 ounce of ReactivatorTM to both sides and store in a zip lock baggy.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact VRS Marking for verbal instructions.