VRS Marking presents this wide range of pre-inked stamps to fulfill all your Paperwork Documentation needs. Our line of pre-inked stamps will allow your company to track, date code, part number, inspect, and officially document all your paper traveler information. This extensive line contains a wide variety of sizes and styles. For example, you can mark in the smallest place a pre-inked stamp can go with the N06 SlimLine inspection handle (1/4" dia.). Or, you can change date information with ease with the N75 XPDater (11/16 dia.). Whatever, your documentation requirement may be, our line of quality pre-inked stamps will provide a durable, cost effective solution.

Each VRS Marking pre-inked stamp is created with ISO 9002 certification. The unique salt leach rubber can deliver up to 50,000 impressions without reinking. In addition, each stamp is 100% reinkable.

For the industrial user that needs to mark on dark colored, porous material like automotive tires or hoses, we offer a custom formulated white ink that gives an excellent contrasting mark. Many of these stamps are designed to work in automation equipment for quality control, inspection, and pass/fail identification.

N06 - Copy Area: 1/4" dia. The smallest pre-inked stamp available. Perfect for those hard-to-reach places. Comes with pocket clip.

N30 - Copy Area: 3/8" dia.

N32 - Copy Area: 5/8" dia.

N60 - Copy Area: 1/2" dia.

N62 - Copy Area: 11/16" dia.

N50 - Copy Area: 1 1/8" dia.

N52 - Copy Area: 1 1/8" dia.

N10 - Copy Area: 1/2" X 1 5/8"

N04 - Copy Area: Copy Area: 9/16" X 1 1/8"

N75 & N85 Daters - Copy Area:
N75 = 11/16" dia.
N85 = 1 3/16" dia.

Versadater - Copy Area: 1 5/16" X 2 1/8"