Mark II Reversible Pad and Kit
The Mark II pad, our most popular model, is primarily used with thin, alcohol based inks. The Mark II pad has a unique two-sided system that allows the operator to flip the pad over when the first side begins to dry out. As one side of the pad is in use, the other side is automatically being rejuvenated through condensation and capillary action. The Mark II pad is ready to use when you are.

The Mark II stamp pad has a special inking surface that minimizes resin buildup. By eliminating the gradual buildup of resins, typically found in stone pads, the Mark II pad will allow you to make consistent, high quality marks. This design, enclosed in an airtight container, allows the Mark II pad to enjoy the longest life possible.

The Mark II Kit with 4oz of Ink and Reactivator are the perfect solution for your part marking needs.

Inks available for the Mark II Pad:
1250: 10 to 15 second dry time
214: 40 to 60 second dry time
141: 2 to 4 minute dry time
6459: 40 to 60 second dry time (black & white only)

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, White, Yellow and Orange